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EQ is the new IQ

One of the major tenets of mindfulness is that it gives us a sense of awareness; awareness of self and of others. Awareness is the precursor to any transformational change in our lives. This not only impacts our health and wellness but also our finances.

Publisher of Success Magazine Darren Hardy states, “ The basic definition of emotional intelligence is this: it is the understanding of feelings, both of others and our own.

Emotional intelligence or E.Q. is comprised of four skills that allow us to achieve success in life, including: Self awareness, Self management, Social awareness and Relationship management.

These E.Q. skills are critical when it comes to not only navigating social situations but also when managing our own behaviour and making decisions in our professional lives as well.

Studies have routinely proven that it is our E.Q. not our I.Q. that can have the greatest impact on our success. In today’s economy it seems that emotional intelligence rules the day.”

Mindfulness allows you to become self aware, empathetic, compassionate and sympathetic. In short, you’re able to understand yourself and others better. This truly encapsulates the notion of health is wealth!

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